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Premium Solid-State Drive Servers.  Fully Dedicated Resources.

4 vCPU cores
1GB Memory
40GB SSD Storage
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Our cPanel® cloud servers allows your websites to load faster & handle more traffic, without any changes to your website at all. Faster websites increase search engine rankings, page views, customer satisfaction & conversions.

Solid-State Drive StorageWe use nothing but solid-state drives throughout our storage system which provide you with the highest level of performance and the fastest page load times than any other provider.

Fully Monitored & ManagedEvery single server that runs on our infrastructure is constantly monitored 24x7x365 by our NOC to ensure that it is up and running. If we detect any issues, our staff will address them instantly.

24x7x365 Technical SupportWith over 8 years in business & authorized cPanel partner status, you can count on our support team to resolve any issue you have with your web site or server in a timely manner via phone, live chat & email.

Optimized Apache & PHP ServiceWe run a custom Apache and PHP configuration which is only available through our service which serves pages up to 5 times faster and allows you to handle 3 times more traffic.

No overselling or overcommiting.The majority of other hosts use OpenVZ or Virtuozzo to allow them to oversell their servers resources. We use KVM which does not offer this and guarantees the resources & performance you paid for.

CloudFlare® Railgun™ AcceleratorRailgun™ achieves a 99.6% compression ratio and a 730% performance increase for previously uncacheable web objects by using techniques similar to those used in the compression of high-quality video.

Forget Virtual Private & Dedicated Servers!

The cloud is the latest website hosting technology currently available in the market. With typical virtual private servers (VPS) or dedicated servers, you end up paying much more per month and get far less redundancy and performance than cloud servers. With our cloud servers, you have far more performance, redundancy all at a lower cost.

Virtual Private Servers:

  • Suffer from noisy-neighbour issues, one customer with heavy resource usage can slow all websites running on the same node.
  • Lack easy scalability. Upgrading or downgrading a server involve manual procedures which are all fully automated on the cloud.
  • Are typically over-sold on capacity, giving your server poor overall performance. Cloud servers are never oversold.

Dedicated Servers:

  • Do not have any redundancy in-place, unless you pay a big premium for it, making it more expensive than cloud servers.
  • Are extremely expensive to deliver high performance, costing up to 2-4x times for the same performance of a cloud server.
  • Take a very long time to provision, require manual intervention in event of server issues failures, limited server power controls.

High Performance Web Hosting Platform

Website performance is now a very important factor of maintaining a website. A 1-second delay in page-load time equals to a decrease of 11% in page views, 16% in customer satisfation and 7% in conversions. Our cPanel cloud servers are second to none; take a look at the pricing and features of our servers compared to other competition.

VEXXHOST VPS.NET WiredTree KnownHost LiquidWeb Storm
Disk Space 80GB 40GB 40GB 30GB 35GB
Dedicated Memory 2GB 2GB 2GB 2GB 3GB
Premium Bandwidth 4TB
2¢ per GB afterwards
2¢ per GB afterwards
25¢ per GB afterwards
$1 per GB afterwards
25¢ per GB afterwards
Full Server Management
Optimized Server Apache & PHP
24x7x365 Monitoring
24x7x365 Telephone Support
Live Chat Support
Email Support
CloudFlare® Railgun™
100% Renewable Energy Datacenter
$40/month $50/month $55/month $55/month $60/month

Advanced Cloud Server Control Panel

We provide you with the best control panel in the industry for your cPanel cloud server. With unique features such as rebootless password resets and IP address configuration changes. Our control panel has been designed in-house by our engineers to offer the most advanced management features at the easiest way possible. Try it out for yourself today risk free.

Simple & Predictable Pricing: Pay as You Grow

We've ensured that we give you the best possible price for your server while giving you all the functionality of a premium price. With our platform, you can upgrade your server at anytime when your requirements increase. We'll also migrate your website from your old provider to our service, for free. All of our services are backed up by our 30-day money-back guarantee.

$30/mo. afterwards

4 vCPUs
1GB Memory
40GB Disk
4TB Transfer

$40/mo. afterwards

4 vCPUs
2GB Memory
80GB Disk
6TB Transfer

$60/mo. afterwards

4 vCPUs
4GB Memory
160GB Disk
8TB Transfer

$100/mo. afterwards

8 vCPUs
8GB Memory
320GB Disk
10TB Transfer

$180/mo. afterwards

8 vCPUs
16GB Memory
640GB Disk
12TB Transfer

cPanel & WHM license included.  Additional bandwidth transfer is only 2ยข per GB

Many thanks to the team @vexxhost who have been handling my website migration. We're now back up and running.

Tony Hart

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